Whatever Happened To The Jim Shooter Lawsuit?

Whatever Happened To The Jim Shooter Lawsuit?

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It’s been well over the mandated 120 days for the lodged lawsuit by Valiant Entertainment Inc against Jim Shooter to be served. And we’ve seen nary a hair of it.

Jim Shooter was being sued for his role in the new Dark Horse line based on the Gold Key characters that originally formed the basis for the Valiant Universe, while he was working for Valient Entertainment. All sorts of allegations about deception, backstabbing and downright lying were made and, if true, would have provided quite a strong case.

And its not like Jim Shooter keeps a low profile. He’s about fourteen feet high I think.

Could they not afford the case? Did they thinkj it might be a PR disaster? Did they realise they couldn’t support a single one of the claims? VEI did not respond to enquiries.

And Dark Horse will release the first Jim Shooter Gold Key title on Free Comic Book Day.

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