Is The Return Of Justice League International Continued Evidence For Light’N’Brighty Comics?

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With a Michael Keaton swipe beaming out of DC’s The Source blog this morning, DC announced a 26 issue bi-weekly series, Justice League: Generation Lost by Keith Giffen and Judd Winick, coming out on opposing weeks to the previously announced 26 issue bi-weekly Brightest Day. With Fire and Ice, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Rocket Red and Captain Atom…

And it’s clearly Justice League International. Along with Justice League Europe, this was my to-date favourite Justice League run, as the superhero soap became more of a sitcom. It was funny, silly, clever, intelligent, fond of slapstick, parody, bad puns and basically a joi de vivre. And I remember picking up the Justice League issue after its conclusion feeling an aching pit in my stomach and realising I’d never see its like again.

Which wasn’t quite true. A decade later we’d get I Can’t Believe it’s Not The Justice League and Hero Squared. But they were side projects. This is not. I hope it’s not. And with Keith Giffen, J M DeMatteis and Chris Batista doing Booster Gold series, well it’s just booster fried gold all round.

And it’s also the sound of another show dropping from the caterpillar of continuity as DC seems to be making a concerted push away from the grim’n’gritty strangle hold on superhero comics to gentle pat on the back from light’n’brighty comics instead.

And ye Michael Keaton would make a great Booster Gold…

Giffen: Because Marc and I – along with artist Chris Batista – are taking over Booster Gold, that’s why. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.
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