Attention Sony - Brian Bendis Must Write Spider-Man 4

Attention Sony – Brian Bendis Must Write Spider-Man 4

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So Spider-Man 4 is being delayed, Sam Raimi junked and the franchise rebooted to a teenage Spider-Man – now who do we know who’s been remarkable adept at rebooting the Spider-Man franchise with a teenage lead?

Why that would be Brian Michael Bendis, writer of every issue of Ultimate Spider-Man for ten years.

Bendis is clearly aware of the possibility. He tweets;

a stunning amount of ultimate spidey love coming at us because of the movie reboot. i have no info on any of this.

if this spidey movie reboot sounds intriguing you should REALLY be reading ultimate spider-man :) thank you :) on sale now

i work as a consultant on the marvel movies. this is a sony movie. i have no involvement. but maybe if you all scream loud enough :)

Sony, Brian Bendis successfully launched a teenage Spider-Man reboot for Marvel comics, he has written the Spider-Man animated series on TV, has screenplays under his belt and was a contributory factor to the success of Iron Man. If nothing else, fly him out for a meeting.

It’s hardly rocket science.

Yes I know you already have a grim’n’gritty new script written, but haven’t you heard? It’s all light’n’brighty now!

Anyone who fancies digging, deliciousing, tweeting, bigging up this post, or placing it on top of the intray of the right Sony executive, feel free.

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