So Just How Will Angel Be Appearing In Buffy: Season 8? (SPOILERS)

So Just How Will Angel Be Appearing In Buffy: Season 8? (SPOILERS)

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We’ve seen the cover to Buffy The Vampire Slayer #34 featuring the non-twinkly vampire love-of-her-life, Angel. So can we expect the long-awaited crossover between the Dark Horse Buffy and IDW Angel series?

Not a bit of it.

IDW picked up the rights to publish comics featuring the character Angel and the cast of the Angel TV show, and have been publishing Angel comics for a few years, while Dark Horse has revived the Buffy series with Buffy Season 8. However I understand that no deal has been agreed between IDW and Dark Horse over Angel’s cover-featured appearance in issue 34. This was the first they’d heard of it. Now, of course, I’m sure IDW isn’t minded to bring in the lawyers, after all they want to keep Joss Whedon happy, and would like the opportunity to publish more Angel and Spike comics. But I understand there are a few grumbling people on the West Coast right now.

It seems the recent IDW Spike cover was a hurried reactive move to the Twilight spoiler move by Dark Horse. At that point it was the first that IDW knew of it.

You know, if I was working for IDW, I’d publish a comic book in which Buffy is revealed to be Twilight. See what happens then.

Hmm. This is probably why I’m not working for IDW.

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