Monday Morning Newspapers, Christians And Reshoots

Monday Morning Newspapers, Christians And Reshoots

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JuxtapositionWatch: Thank you Daily Telegraph, for your website software for joining such wonderfully compatible stories and advertisments togather;

ChristianWatch: A Christian-focused review of Robert Crumb’s The Book Of Genesis;

The real thrill in this volume for me was simply rereading Genesis again with visual reinforcement. The details Crumb shows are striking, and most of the time he is simply illustrating things that are mentioned in the text but often passed over. Somehow the illustrations keep you from skipping over the repetitions, like the repeated instances of a patriarch erecting an altar and worshiping. The point, scripture seems to be saying, is that we should do the same and worship. To accompany the long genealogies, Crumb diligently depicts one bearded, earringed, turbaned figure after another. The point is clear: God is fulfilling his promise to multiply Israel, regardless of what Israel does.

ChristianWatch2: The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington, with storyboards by Chris Weston, is being spun as a Christian action adventure movie.

When Carnegie learns that Eli possesses a Bible, he means to win him over to his cause or kill him — whatever it takes to gain control of that book. Both men see the Bible as the key to social regeneration. A voice has commanded Eli to take the Bible west, where it will be the foundation of a new Earth. Carnegie sees the book as a means of controlling people and their loyalties, as many false prophets have before him.

WossWatch: The Daily Mail, the newspaper that exposed the “Sachsgate” scandal two weeks after the programme in question had aired to a million or two listeners without complaint, just won’t let it go, even after they have finally claimed their scalp of Jonathan Ross’ BBC contract;

Infantile and immature, Jonathan Ross was the man who refused to grow up… He still loves comic books and has acquired an extensive collection. He also has every single variant of the Major Matt Mason spaceman action figure. Why? His parents failed to buy him one for Christmas when he was nine, and he never got over it.

Media Monkey provides a list.

HexWatch: Uh oh. Jonah Hex is going back for a further round of reshoots in LA, incorporating twelve new pages of script. Confident, Warner Bros are not… though Will Arnett says it will be a dark and serious movie. For now, anyway.

BigBangWatch: The geek sitcom that really suffers when you compare it to Spaced is to guest star Stan Lee.

He’s going to be Stan Lee. He’s going to be doing his autograph session at a comic-book store, and he’s going to have a run-in with Sheldon… Stan said he’d be available for a cameo, so we had a story that needed Sheldon to be rude to a celebrity. We said, ‘How about Stan Lee?’

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