DC/Marvel Confluence: Heroic Age Vs Brightest Day

DC/Marvel Confluence: Heroic Age Vs Brightest Day

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Marvel kill Captain America, let his sidekick take over, sent the character in a metaphysical journey through time, eventually returning him to the role.

And DC do the same with Batman.

DC have their dead characters returning to life in Blackest Night. And Marvel do the same with Necrosha. Hell, they both gave their employees moleskin notebooks for Christmas this year.

There’s been a recent confluence of comic trends from the big two that seems as if they’re just marching in step with each other.

We know about The Heroic Age from Marvel, the return of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man to their iconic role in the Marvel Universe after the dark times of Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion and Dark Siege, heralding in a more positive, less grim’n’gritty series of stories across the comics line.

And so naturally that’s what we’re getting from DC too. To follow Blackest Night, we’re getting the Brightest Day project, announced on The Source.

A biweekly, 26-issue crossover starting with #0 by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi, with Fernando Pasarin drawing #0.

I’m calling it light’n’brighty comics. I do hope it will catch on.

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