That Friday Runaround Feeling

That Friday Runaround Feeling

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FilmWatch: Green Lantern has got the green light. How apt. It shoots in ten weeks and its release date is June 17th 2011.

FilmWatch2: Adriana Barraza of Drag Me To Hell is being cast for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.

ScandalWatch: The Boston Globe compares media panic over teenagers sexting each other on mobile phones with the panic over EC Comics in the fifties and the setting up on the Comics Code.

PilgrimWatch: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World seen as a sign of a British uprising in movies. Yet somehow Kick Ass is not mentioned. Despite being written and directed by Brits, with a heavy British production staff, having a cast of Brits playing Americans, and partially filmed by Brits…

WhoWatch: Paterson Joseph talks about not getting the Doctor Who role.

“There was a chance that I could have been the Doctor… I would have hesitated, but I think I would have done it – I think I would have had to have done it. The worst that can happen is that you get typecast, but then you can’t be as the Doctor because the show is so old.”

No the worst is that I could lose fifty quid on you, Paterson.

OroborosWatch: Are Comics Not Just For Kids? Twenty ten folks and people are still asking this kind of question. Well it is the School Library Journal, a volume that’s had to deal with kids wanting to read comics and librraians not letting them…

DigitalWatch: The Financial Times flips for… – which is yet to generate significant revenues – had a 60 per cent rise in sign-ups overnight after Mr Ballmer demonstrated its software on a HP tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the technology industry’s biggest annual gatherings.

Mr Mann quit his job as a 3D artist at an architectural firm to start after becoming frustrated with his local comics store’s limited selection.

WossWatch: Friday Night With Michael McIntyre must never be allowed to happen. Just sayin’

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