Thor Gets A New Date, Raimi And Sony Have Issues

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Yup, looks like Spider-Man 4 has slipped from its provisional date of May the 6th 2011, leaving Paramount and Marvel Studios’ Thor to take advantage of the web-spaced gap.

I was talking to some studio types after seeing a screening of Kick-Ass last night, and Kenneh Branagh’s Thor seems to bemuse them. Though, to be fair, so did Iron Man before that was released. “Did you see Kenneth’s Frankenstein” was one comment. “Is this going to be Peter’s Vikings” was another. “I’d be more interested if Brian Blessed was in it” was yet another.

But moving the date of release from May 20th to May 6th shows a greater confidence from the studios involved. It’s considered a much more commercially advantageous slot. Of course this means that expectations of performance will also be higher, so it could be a poisoned chalice. Held in a forced perspective mighty hand. It was the slot that Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine debuted on. Thor needs to do just as well.

All thanks to Sam Raimi and Sony coming to blows over the direction of the next film. We may not even see it at all in 2011. Is it time for Brian Michael Bendis to step up and say “coo-eee!”

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