Is The Flash Calling Me A Wanker?

Posted by January 7, 2010 Comment

Look, superhero comic books have never had the most enlightened attitude to the art of masturbation.

And years before Sam Raimi and Brian Michael Bendis would bring us Spider-Man excess web fluid in his bedroom at home, Dave Sim was doing a Don Simpson impersonation for Cerebus

But IGN has just printed the cover art from Blackest Night #7, a spoiler for the end of issue 6 so kept in secret until now. But is that the only reason? I ask because the Blue Lantern Flash seems to be making an internationally-understood signal in my direction, leaving me in no doubt about what he thinks of my status in light…

Yeah? Yeah? Well come here, Flash, I think you’re a douche-bag!

There we go, status quo restored.

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