Tuesday Runaround - Pilgrims And Free Comics

Tuesday Runaround – Pilgrims And Free Comics

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PornWatch: The Guardian looks at Alan Moore’s sexual literary history with his illustrated essay 25,000 Years of Erotic History.The book can be ordered here, in the UK and the USA now.

As Moore points out, even the decorative borders of art nouveau publications are ripe with erotic suggestion; he makes the brilliant suggestion that both Beardsley and Antoni Gaudí were virgins channelling their sexuality into art. To look at Gaudí’s architecture through the erotic lens of Beardsley’s engravings is inspired.

The article gets a number of comments online, my favourite being;

How is it that the Guardian’s writers consistently make football seem interesting and sex dull?

PilgrimWatch: No sequels to the Scott Pilgrim movie, according to Michael Cera.

That could be a franchise, couldn’t it?

Michael: I don’t know about that. That’s hard to say because the movie encompasses the whole graphic novel series.

Isn’t he still writing more?

Michael: He’s writing the last one. There’s going to be six, and the sixth one is going to come out sometime next year.

They didn’t sign you for more films, just in case?

Michael: I don’t think so, no.

BangaloreWatch: Comics are still not just for kids. This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of this article.

TokyoPopWatch: Gyakushu was a TokyoPop series of graphic novels. But after the publisher’s retrenchment, creator Dan Hipp decided to put all three volumes, including unpublished work, online. That’s over six hundred pages of intense revenge sword bloody action, available next week, for free.

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