Stewie Griffin In the Stars

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Okay it’s a PR stunt. But I think I’ve got to give them this. Astronomer Mark Garlik has “discovered” a new constellation in the shape of Stewier Griffin’s head, from Family Guy.

He (Stewius Griffinus) is made up of stars from several neighbouring constellations, including Ursa Major (the Big Dog), Camelopardalis (the Camel) and Draco (the Dragon).

After Twentieth Century Fox gave him a big pile of cash of course.

The brightest stars in Stewie’s constellation are Alioth and Mizar, which are in the handle of the Plough. They form part of the top of his head. His nose and mouth are made up from stars that belong to Ursa Minor (the Small Dog)

Purely coincidentally, the DVD and Blu Ray of Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside recently came out in the USA and the UK.

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