All We Need Is... Lady GaGa

All We Need Is… Lady GaGa

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Will it include her vestigal penis? Her propensity to confiscate partner’s cameraphones for the duration of their one night stands? What about the recent throwing drinks over homophobes?

It’s all up in the air for Bluewater’s next biographical comic project, the life and times of singer/songwriter Lady GaGa. Drawn by Tess Fowler and written by Dan Rafter, their first issue of the new Fame series, which will tackle the lives of the likes of Robert Pattinson, 50 Cent, David Beckham and Taylor Swift, with a preview issue published in time for Free Comic Book Day in March.

What a good excuse to link again to this video of the pre-marketed Lady GaGa…

By the way, you do know how to make Lady Gaga cross, yes? Poker face.

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