Sunday Runaround – Beanworld In The Summer

BeanWatch: Larry Marder unveils the cover to the next Beanworld volume, entitled “Something More” as the Beanworld enters Summertime, and the Beanworld cover to April’s issue of Dark Horse Presents, featuring a short Beanworld story.

Beanworld is one of my favourite comic books of all time and it is to Dark Horse’s credit that they have collected and continued the series in digest-sized hardcovers and made them so easily available. You owe it to yourself as a comic book reader to buy all three. And then wait for the fourth like the rest of us.

Marder also talks about his work for the Image Fractured Fables title, writing and drawing work based on Billy Goat Gruff.

NewsWatch: The LA Times looks to Shutter’s Island, out this week.

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Paramount Pictures are bringing “Shutter Island” to the screen (finally) on Feb. 19 and a discerning consumer of culture might reasonably ask if it’s worth investing his or her time in a novel, a graphic novel and a film version of the same tale. The answer, so far, appears to be a resounding “yes.”

LocalShopWatch: Tony’s Kingdom of Comics in Keizer gets a nice little local media boost;

Tony Grove hasn’t experienced sales this good on a Wednesday — new issue day — in months, odd considering the popularity of films based upon comic books.

LocalShopWatch2: Comix Connection gets the same by simply having a sale.

SpeculatorWatch: Fifteen years too late The Times points out that some of your old comics might be worth something.

FutureWatch: The Guardian looks forward to Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim.

EducationWatch: Josh Bayer teaches comics.

I had a student who wrote and illustrated a really nice children’s book, and the book label told her they weren’t taking any children’s books that weren’t developed in a graphic novel format.

WhoWatch: Britain’s media goes mad for the last episode… The TimesThe Mail, The Guardian and The Sun, The Herald, BBC News and  The Telegraph all thought it was newsworthy.

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