419 Scammers Become Superheroes, Get Own Comic Book

419 Scammers Become Superheroes, Get Own Comic Book

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The 419 scam is, to some, Darwinian principles in action. The stupid, the greedy, the ignorant, getting parted with their cash. Those emails, often associated with Nigeria, claiming that they have $20,000,000 which they need to get out of the country, and all you need is to provide your bank details and you’ll get $2,000,000 commission. And suddenly your bank account is emptied of cash.

There are a number of sites that like to play along with such scammers, exposing them, ridiculing them, getting them to perform all sorts of tasks in order to get those bank details. Such as 419 Eater. Which recently saw one poster known as Nurse Nasty persuading all manner of scammers to dress up as superheroes of her design. Such as these;

Which she then inserted into a comic…

You can find the whole comic and explanation here. It’s superb. And it’s only the start apparently…

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