The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – VISUAL OF THE YEAR

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This is the tenth annual edition of the Rumour Awards – begun on All The Rage, continued at Lying In The Gutters and now residing on Bleeding Cool.

And there’s a more reader-friendly format – no forced narrative with fictionalised versions of comic industry individuals, no speech-impediment hosts just, you know, the awards. Split up over a number of posts on the hour through the day. A look back at the year. And letting me write it in about six hours rather than the forty it used to take.

So what’s been looking good?


It’s comics. There are always good visuals to laugh at, celebrate or rejoice. Usually there are a mixture of men and women in odd shots but this year seems to have skewed significantly towards naked women. Next year it’ll be cock rings, I promise.

Whether that be members of the public happily reading Watchmen on the bus, more of those ring logos or Frank Cho being naughty…

reading watchmentattjungle girl

Or some oversexualised Marvel comics giving us Spider-Toe and a little bump’n’grind…

toebump and grind

Along with that orgy scene from Batman Confidential;


And the three-way from Cry For Justice.


We enjoyed one comic convention vendor’s way to pass the time…

And Bill Jemas’ new venture, Peace Party, in which naked women are photographed covered in logos promoting peace… and stuff.


Marvel’s offices being flanked by DC costumes for Hallowe’en…


Claude Moliterni’s comics and correspondence thrown out in the street…

And Alan Moore singing his little heart out…

The Blackest Night Promotional Ring image from DC that seemed to forget exactly how reflections work;


An intriguing confluence of ad and content…


Valerie D’Orazio’s smoking gun from DC Comics, asked not to complain about harassment at the company in return for keeping her much-needed healthcare benefits for a longer period after she left…

valerieAnd the captured identifying face of comics scamster Josh Hoopes who has gone awfully quiet of late.


But the winning visual would have to be the image created by a customer of Larry’s Comics who entered it in a competition to promote the Blackest Night promotion. And while she may have won, her photograph, Larry and, well, me, were accused by the blogosphere of everything short of culpable homicide, it seemed. So here it is one more time…

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