New Year's Eve Runaround - Cosplayboy

New Year’s Eve Runaround – Cosplayboy

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PornWatch: Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner spent his teenage years writing and drawing autobiographical comic books, reproduced in the examinatory volume Hugh Hefner’s Playboy.

“To really tell my story in an interesting way, the part that I wanted to include in the book — the part that intrigued me — was what came before. The origins … where the inspiration came from: my creative life as a boy,” he says, resting his hands behind his head.

Sauntering upstairs, he points out the relics of his childhood — personally inscribed art from comic book artist Milton Caniff, Boris Karloff characters, Flash Gordon cartoons.

FilmWatch: Nile Gardner in The Daily Telegraph names The Dark Knight as the sixth best conservative-promoting movie of the decade and 300 as the tenth.

SongWatch: Rebecca May muses on Batman: Arkham Asylum winning Game Of The Year.

PopeWatch: Is Paul Pope drawing a Command And Conquer comic? Really?


RealityWatch: Andrew Woods, one of the members of MTV’s The Real World: DC reality TV series is a comic book artist. Which means requisite cosplay photos…


And tasteful comic strips.


He’s going to be a laugh riot isn’t he? Here’s his latest tweet:

i just had sex while i watched myself on tv!!! who else can say that… obama can, president of tappin dat ass!!!

Somehow Big Brother suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

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