Tuesday Runaround – Triptyching The Light Fantastic

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JimLeeWatch: Jim Lee is playing in the snow with his family instead of drawing a page of All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder. Internet… attack!!!

jim lee

MarkWaidWatch: Malaysian paper The Star gives Mark Waid a profiling after a Writer’s Festival in Singapore,

That was the day I saw Super­man: The Movie. It changed my life … it changed everything! I went into the movie liking comics, but I came out LOVING Superman and wanting to be part of that world

MarvelWatch: JoBlo, Perez Hilton and, well, anyone with an AP feed are asking – which minor Marvel characters will Disney push as a movie. PH slags off Ant Man as a possibility – maybe without knowing about the Edgar Wright Jr/Joe Cornish/Simon Pegg Ant Man project…

ConWatch: Long Beach Comic Con have added an extra mini-convention on February 20th, the Long Beach Comic Expo for $10 entry and mostly seen as an advertisement for the main convention in October…

TinyTimWatch: Tim Twelve’s unsuccessful art pitch for Tony Lee’s Dodge & Twist, now being novelised.

VeitchWatch: Rick Veitch is showing off a triptych commission of his, starting with the left page… more to come in successive days!


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