The Week That Diamond Forgot – But Comics Remembered

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This week Diamond Comics Distribution doesn’t ship comics to any of its stores. This was because, due to UPS holiday schedules, a significant percentage of stores would not have received their comics on the due date and so Diamond took the decision that, rather than giving some stores unfair advantage, no one would get their comics this week. And next week they’d just double up.

Enterprising publishers Marvel and DC arranged to ship some product a week early, to be held for this week. The much anticipated Blackest Night #6 as well as the free Origins Of Siege, Avengers Calendar and Avengers ID cards.

But what of everyone else?

Well, there’s Indy Book Week. There has been a concerted effort from various non-Diamond exclusive publishers to push work directly or via alternative distributor Haven and print-direct distributor Ka-Blam and to create events in stores.


Here’s a list of most of the retailers. And here’s a collection of just a few covers of comic book on sale at comic shops this Wednesday/Thursday.

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Source Comics & Games in Minnesota has really gone to town holding a mini-con in the evening and putting 177 titles on their New Comics Shelf, (including Blackest Night and Siege). Quite remarkable. No one should be going home from their comic shop disappointed.

And if you have the unfortunate luck to have a comic that isn’t participating in any way with Indy Comics Week, and you find you read Blackest Night and Siege on the way home, maybe this would be a perfect time to catch up with Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s Freakangels. Book One, Two, Three and Four start at the respective links…

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