Rob Liefeld’s Pastor Goes Hollywood

nottodayPhil Hotsenpiller is the author of Rob Liefeld comic and religious parable, Armageddon Now. He’s also teaching pastor at the Friends Church in Yorba Linda, California, where Liefeld attends. But instead of telling more stories about the end of the world, they have plans to make a difference.

The church has committed to building two hundred schools in India for the social caste called “Dalits”, otherwise known as the “untouchables”. Each school costs a hundred thousand dollars.

And in order to raise that money, the church is spending three-quarters of a million making a movie centred around the plight of the caste in question entitled Not Today, telling the story of an American frat boy who travels to India for a party. It’s not yet known if he becomes the Last Mohecan. The movie will be directed by Jon Van Dyke, camera operator on Richard Branson’s Jambo Jumbo.

It’s an unusual way to raise money for a cause. But this is, I suppose, California. Any chance Rob Liefeld will help out with the posters?

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