Sunday Runaround - Christmas Kindling

Sunday Runaround – Christmas Kindling

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OzzieSportWatch: The movie American Splendor turned Australian basketball captain Adam Ballinger into a comic book nut. Which has given him an idea what he does when he retires.

I didn’t discover sequential art until about three years ago and it’s snowballed.

I have an advertising degree and love the creative aspect. I can’t put my finger on it yet but maybe (life) as a graphic artist? The art got me into graphic novels and it’s as valid (an art form) as books and movies.”

: Living in Sri Lanke? Want to learn how to create a graphic novel? Try the Galle Literary Festival

crudeKindleWatch: Top Ten comics sales on the Kindle -1. Crude Behaviour 2. Chosen 3. Epileptic 4. Ice Haven 5. A Contract With God 6. The Waiting Room 7. Valentine Episode 1 (Yay!) 8. Paradox 9. Duo Play 10. Novo.

JapanWatch: How manga is darkening our fairytales.

Now, as American children watch Naruto struggle to retain his sunny outlook so as not to turn, literally, into a destructive monster, it seems the Far East is not so far from the easternizing West. In a post-9/11 world in which waging wars in the name of peace has become the norm, and as the polar icecaps melt and the sea keeps rising, and ominous storms grow stronger — if not at our shores then in our collective unconscious — it may very well be that happily ever after narratives are no longer the appropriate medicine, and that the stories American children are gravitating toward are the alternative fairytales that can help them cope with the shifting tides.

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