Twelve Posts Of Christmas: Eleven Bloggers Blogging

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Eleven comic-related bloggers all committed to updating their blogs on Christmas Day. Why not check them out?

1. The Nerdery Blog


Greg Hyatt’s blog does, well, exactly what it says on the tin.

2. Geek To Me


Elliot Serrano’s geek-related blog for  Chicago Now will be posting on Christmas Day, as will his YouTube show. Including an interview from San Diego when I licked him on camera. Literally.

3. Kleefeld On Comics


Meandering fan obsession of the endearing variety.

4./Film UK


My old mucker Brendon Connelly giving the industry both barrels and talking about what’s going on film-wise this side of the pond.

5. Not Blog X


Dedicated to the craziness of nineties comics. Twenty years ago, folks.

6. Blogomatic3000


Big bold bastard blogathons…

7. Hey U Guys


British comics/film/whatever site. Nice people. A bit posh.

8. Comics Daily


Launching their end-of-year awards…

9. Nealo


An editorial cartoonist currently counting down his top 5 Christmas-themed cartoons…

10. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Multiversal Nexus


Fanboy fun, observations and lists from Anthony Zwierzchaczewski.

11. Sunnyside Comics

A comics and geek-culture chit-chat  with 2000AD’s PJ Holden, Aaron Abernethy and a bloke called Scott. The Pilkington of the group there. And from more 2000AD Christmas shenannigans try Paradox Comics Group.

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