Announcing... CHEBRUARY! With Ben Templesmith, Jon Layman And Me.

Announcing… CHEBRUARY! With Ben Templesmith, Jon Layman And Me.

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You can see them gumming up the front of the Image section in the most recent Previews. Three books beginning with “CH” pushing other, better known titles out of the way.

Chew #9 by Jon Layman and Rob Guillory. Choker #1 by Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith. And Chaae Variant One Shot (Is All I Need) by Rich Johnston (yes, that’s me folks), Saverio Tenata and Bagwell.

So why not name the entire month Chebruary? And can we persuade any other comics companies or photoshop-minded individuals to take existing comics and see what happens when you give them Chebruary influence. Would the Chavage Dragon be about a green Essex supercop with a taste for bling? Would The Chalking Dead be about zombies in a quarry. Would Chew Avengers be a little tastier? And would Chatman be a bit of a bore?

Till then, here’s a taste from all three books.


Photos from the launch of the Chew trade paperback at Rogues Gallery Comics & Games with Layman, Guillory, finger cake and shooting gallery



Here’s a first look at a variant first issue cover for Emerald Comic Con by Ben Templesmith.


Ben Templesmith works on Choker on the move. Then takes photos to prove to his writer Ben McCool that he’s serious.


Chase Variant

This is an ode to my artist for two thirds of Chase Variant, Bagwell. Currently working on 2000AD projects, he went above and beyond for Chase Variant and even found time to do a Captain Beckham page for Civil Wardrobe.


The detail he brings to his worlds, placing his characters in situ, serves the story here so well, where it’s all about the blur between reality and fantasy in the narrative process. And just look at those creases on the clothes…


He’s wonderful choosing the moment to portray in each panel, freezing a scene, you can feel the weight of the “alien” here as its about to be dragged down to the ground by gravity. But for a moment it hangs, and that’s what Bagwell captures.


I feel the wind moving in Chase’s hair. He’s taken the idea of the nineties bad girl and given her space, weight, placement and reality, each scene. Oh and purely off his own back inserted some outstanding foreshadowing that just makes me look good.

I want to work with Bagwell on future projects, so badly. It’s just hard finding something worth asking him spending his talents on. He’s the next Alex Ross, you know.

Anyway, Chebruary. Three books, one month, all shoved togetehr in Image Previews. Gotta catch them all.

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