Swipe File: Batman And… Batman?

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Back in February, I reported on Bob Schreck’s dismissal at DC Comics;

DiDio stated that he wanted to do his own continuity-free line “All Star”-like line in conflict with Bob’s books from Grant Morrison and Frank Miller.

Well, with the Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One series of original graphic novels, it looks like Dan DiDio has got his wish. Creating a line more in keeping in what the All Star line was originally sold as, basically, DC’s version of how the Ultimate line began, creating a series of iconic stories featuring the company’s central characters free of continuity baggage, especially suitable for new readers brought in by various promotions and/or TV/movie exposure.

It will also be sop to those who complain “why aren’t Batman and Superman appearing in their regular monthly titles?”

But just how much of a Ultimate DC line will these titles be? Well, these designs for Batman Earth One…


Do seem rather familiar. That is, if you have an article from a five year old copy of Wizard: Guide To Comics in your head. In which artists created “Ultimate” mock-versions of DC characters. Including Ken Lashley…


Let’s say it seems a very familiar approach. Probably just what’s needed. And that chest logo straight out of the Burton movies…

Of course we now have four ongoing continuities for Batman being published – DCU Batman, All Star Batman, First Wave Batman, and Earth One Batman. The line looks basically just like that issue of Planetary/Batman if you squint your eyes..

And in a post-Levitz DC Comics, is a Ultimate Marvel Vs DC Earth One crossover conceivable in the next couple of years?

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