What If Batman Was A Complete.. (CONT)

What If Batman Was A Complete.. (CONT)

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Mr Millar, wash your mouth out with soap and water, what would the nuns say? Mark Millar and Steve McNiven announced their new creator-owned series from Marvel Icon at CBR today, Nemesis, a comic about a supervillain fighting a city’s police with all the technology available to the likes of Batman, inspiring the full version of the quote in the headline.

The c-word only has a recent history in mainstream comics, aside from the occasional Clint Flicker character. It made its official debut in House Of Secrets at Vertigo, with very occasional use there since, before Marvel’s Max and Icon lines seemed to make it de rigeur.

This is possibly the first time I’ve seen it used in a promotional piece for a Marvel comic though.

I remember asking Garth Ennis about how he was unable to use said word in Preacher. he pointed out that DC had just published the series The Kents… which was close enough for him…

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