Page Six One Six - 25th November

Page Six One Six – 25th November

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Page Six One Six, the home to comic book industry blind items. Stories told from bar to bar with the serial numbers shaved off. Haven’t done one for these in a while. Let’s find out why not.

1) Which comics publisher sharing a room with one of his artists at a convention this year was woken by the sound of said artist on the receiving end of a blowie from a rather grateful and enthusiastic fan?

2) Which comics editor-in-chief known for sending out amusing emails to a bcc: mailing list, actually put everyone into the to: column, revealing the contact details of actual celebrities in the process?

3) Which wife of which A-list comics creator once went online to a chat room they both participated in to ask for advice – on how to persuade said creator to come out of the bedroom where he was hiding, naked, refusing to come out.

4) Staff of one comics company complain that their mail came to employees already opened – company policy states that anything send to the distributor was property of the company’s owner. And that he would open each piece of mail, no matter who it was addressed to, personally, in a special side office. Post-it notes might then be attached to comp items requesting they be delivered to the owner when the addressee had finished with them…

5) And a guest celebrity blind item from Steve Wacker:

Rumor! {green light} Which comic pro’s hat was stolen from right off the top of his head while he smoked cigarette.

(Look, five items sounded right, I had to make up the numbers, okay? Wacker? Better stories next time)

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