Is It Still Tuesday? – From Pets To Punisher To Perazza

Bluewater is getting coverage in the Pets section of newspapers now for their Bo Obama book.

By the way, if you missed it, Punisher #11 is getting a second printing. DC have their version of Frankenstein’s Monster doing the rounds of the DC Universe, now Marvel have got theirs…

doomUnderground hip hop star MF Doom, dons an iron mask and cape to perform… I wonder where he got that idea?

Doom, depressed and dejected, fell into isolation and poverty for years. According to every online biography, he was “recovering from his wounds” and “swearing revenge against the industry that so badly deformed him” during this time. Sound like a comic book? Absolutely. He took on a new persona and adorned a mask—and to this day has yet to perform or be photographed without a stocking or mask covering his face—after finding inspiration in Marvel Comics’ Dr. Doom.

And Ron Perezza takes a step forward into the profile as The Advocate in Louisiana run a feature on DC’s Zuda line.

“With Zuda, one of the first things we decided to do was get away from the ‘standard size’ comic book page and go with a horizontal format that better fits the computer monitor… It was a relatively small decision that had enormous impact in how we tell stories and how people on site read them. There’s nothing like clicking that ‘full screen’ button and seeing the entire page all at once on your monitor.”

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