Ten Plugs On A Monday – Briggs To Boulet

Ten Plugs On A Monday, a new occasional column looking at, well, stuff that’s out there that could do with a plug. Worth an explore, certainly.

The Podcast:

Bleeding Cool recently ran a piece on NFL player Lance Briggs and his love of nineties comics. And he talks to Around Comics about his plans to launch his own comics community,

The DVD:

We also ran mention of the Here’s Johnny TV show, looking at how Judge Dredd artist John Hicklenton has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. The DVD can be bought here.


The Challenge:

Tyler James is creating 30 new characters in 30 days, one for every day in November…. a bunch of other creators joined in and they’re up to 350 characters already. You know, do that for a year and, according to all those press releases Marvel send out, you can probably sell the lot for $4000,000,000.

The Download:

The first four chapters of the Archaia comic series Tumor are available for free download, while the hardcover collection of the entire series is in Previews right now, with fifty pages of extras including an introduction from Duane Swierczynski, never before seen behind the scenes features, and a new short story prequel.

The Other Podcast:

Tim Mucci and Kurt Christenson of the WriteClubPodcast interviewed Mike Zagari (DC Comics Online Art Director), The Brother’s Timony (Night Owls, Zuda comics), Matt Loux (Salt Water Taffy, Oni Press), Rick Lacy (Labor Days, Oni Press) and Nathan Schreiber (Power Out, Act-i-Vate). Zagari’s up now, the rest are on their way…

The Chapbook:

Nathan Southard”s limited edition horror chapbook, He Stepped Through is a Lovecraftian crime story and is basically, what if Cthulhu showed up during an episode of The Shield.

One gray morning, the words appear everywhere: on the lips of the men shooting up an inner city burger joint, scrawled across a bloody crime scene, and written on the wall of the only occupied apartment in a downtown slum. In the space of a single day, they infected Los Angeles.

Yours if you want it.

The Other Challenge:

Lee Barnett write the Fast Fiction Challenge, a collection of short 200 word stories, one a day, based on titles suggested by others (and one word he must use), including Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Dave Gibbons, Liam Sharp. Possibly the rarest title that kind of group have been attached to as contributory writers… and it’s here.

The Book:

STAR TREK: A Comics History

Alan J Porter, currently writing Pixar books for Boom!, has put out an book that delves into the rich extensive history of Star Trek in comics, from publisher to publisher, across franchises, controversy, including the classic UK newspaper strip which I consider to be in canon. Okay, no I don’t. But still.

The YouTube Review:CCW*TV is a YouTube comics review vlog with, well, a commentator who is wearing a Bleeding Cool T-Shirt. Which is more than enough for me to give him a plug

The Translated Blog:

This is an English translation of Boulet’s blog. Boulet is one of the most successful comic creators in the world, working solo on French graphic novels  such La Rubrique Cientifique and Raghnarok and in partnership with folks like Lewis Trondheim.  Indeed, the “Notes” series, which compiles his blog work, has consistently been one of the biggest sellers on Amazon.fr’s comics section. And now we monolinguists have a better idea what he’s going on about.

Another ten plugs next week! Possibly!

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