“Spacking Up Is The New Blacking Up” – Cast Offs, New Sitcom From Channel 4

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Okay, there’s not even a tenuous comics link here.

But Channel 4’s Cast Offs starting tomorrow night (and as always, legally downloadable on 4oD afterwards or illegally downloadable on various torrent sites a few hours later) looks like it may well spark some discussion. For a start the pitch is like something off Charlie Brooker’s TVGoHome.


Cast Offs is a Survivor parody, where six disabled characters are marooned on an island. And each character is played by an actor with the same disability.Which is a departure from the norm, as one character points out “Spacking up is the blacking up of the 21st century.”

So we have a blind man, a deaf woman, a paraplegic man, a woman with dwarfism, a thalidomide-affected man and a woman with cherubism all trying to survive, get along and work together. With hilarious consequences.

The show has been written by Skins and The Thick Of It writers, two of whom are disabled themselves, and was created with the actors, putting their own most exasperating circumstances into the script.

You can see clips here. Including one entitled “I’m Not Batman”

Ah, see, there was a tenous link after all…

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