Lying In The Gutters – 24th November 2009

Okay, so what’s been happening on the cool in the last couple of weeks?

We’ve been covering ComICA events such as Eddie Campbell, James Jean and Tara McPherson,  and even chaired a discussion between Ramon Pere, Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart, while a Viz founder kicked off against the upcoming Tate Britain exhibition of their work.

We discovered that one in ten readers read comics, Scott Pilgrim was switching international publishers, that there was another treatment for X-Men 3, that Michael Moorcock was answering questions about his Doctor Who novel, that Grant Morrison was working on a Wonder Woman comic in the style of Batman And Robin, and that Ethan Van Sciver may be the initial arc artist, broke the news on Gareb Shamus buying a New England comic con and that the Hyatt not being a San Diego Comic Con hotel next year.

Oh and then there was a report on the Jessamine Public Country Libraries Board over the inclusion of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier on their shelves , with schoolchildren asking for books to be banned from their eyes and baptist preachers pointing out that The Bible is pretty graphic in places. Sound and fury that, in the end, signified nothing.

We took an early look at Spandex, an all-gay superhero comic, before the rest of the media jumped on board in a rather lazy fashion. We watched Tony Lee conquer India keeping a video diary, Marvel and DC alter their trading terms just a little, Marvel editor Steve Wacker go to town for his artists,

We had fun with the pulping of Phonogram #5 – and the unsuccessful attempt to prevent early distribution.

We talked comics contracts with reality TV porn stars, previewed Dave Sim’s Cerebus Archive and Glamourpuss, Turf logos from Tommy Lee Edwards and read about models writing comics.

We looked at the Kick-Ass trailer with and without director commentary. We saw a teaser for Kaare Andrews’ new movie. Heard about Dave Gibbons creating a new Minesweeper game,

We showed off Mark Stafford’s work mural work, Dave McKean’s photography gallery, and Ben Templesmith’s Pop Gun cover.

We examined the sales effects and latest news of the Blackest Night ring promotion, as the Error Rings hit eBay, and thanks to Larry of Larry’s Comics for the above image – would they be called nipple rings?

And of course enjoyed columns by the likes of Dennis O’Neill, Alex De Campi, Si Spurrier and Adi Tantimedh while welcoming Alisdair Stuart to the fold.

We looked at the new Vertigo graphic novel from Sarah Ryan and Carla Speed McNeill, Bad Houses – and Ryan credits us with finding the first appearance on the main character… and we also watched as Misfits aired a couple of episodes – and really really liked what we saw.

We saw how comics are being used for propoganda, created a message board storm looking at the deaths of the Punisher and Green Lantern,

And we launched a new comics reader for the iPhone, The Weasel.

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