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USA Today has been running oddles of articles on the upcoming Image United crossover title with the current Image partners jamming together… here are a few examples…

Erik Larsen

The way people draw — sizing and height and length — is pretty different. It’s the whole puzzle-piece thing; trying to fill in the blanks in spaces that might be longer or smaller than what you need to draw. You’re working with six different artists who work in six different ways. But it’s been manageable. It hasn’t really been that challenging. It’s been most challenging getting things delivered on time. There’s always a piece of art in the air somewhere over the country at any given time.

Jim Valentino

This will be the newer version of ShadowHawk. He’s a 17-year-old kid named Eddie Collins who is just kind of star-struck by being in the midst of these other heroes. He doesn’t have a lot of experience but he’s still very good at what he does. It’s a bit like meeting your favorite rock band and just standing there awestruck. With this character, though, there is a major change that’s going to take place that will lead to a new series. It’s a huge change for the character. It’s massive — nuclear bomb, in scale. I can’t say any more than that, though.

Robert Kirkman

During one of those recent reunions, Erik Larsen started drumming up the idea of everyone getting together to do a series. They were all in this hotel and Erik was going door-to-door between each of the artists’ rooms getting buy-in on the project. So, Erik gets credit for suggesting everyone come together in this unique new format.

Marc Silvestri

The whole thing has the “smile factor” to it. When Erik Larsen first came to me with this idea, he had this big, goofy grin on his face. But then again, Erik’s smile is a goofy grin, so he can’t really help that! After Erik made the rounds, though, all the guys were smiling about the idea. That “smile factor” played a huge factor in getting everybody excited about the project, got people thinking about how great this thing was going to be.

As far as teaming up with specific artists to do jams, yeah, I’d definitely be into doing more. I’d love to work with Todd (McFarlane) to see a Spawn-Darkness team-up.

The others to follow in weeks to come. And Robert Kirkman has landed a column at and is using it to plug… well, guess what.

As I write this we’re knee deep in the production of this series, which has been an undertaking of monumental proportions for all involved. But I find myself constantly thinking back to that chubby little kid who grew into this chubby little man and what he would say to me if he could see me now.

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