Fashion Beasts – From Bloomingdales To Target

Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the Bloomingdale’s DC Comics 75th Anniversary T-shirt range a month ago. But they’ve recently updated their site with a bunch of other products. Just in time for the Christmas season. So why not buy your loved one this stylish cashmere scarf?


A snip at $225. Or this stylish tie which is only geeky when you get real up-close and personal.

tieA mere $125, but then it will give you the ability to crush coal into diamond in order to pay for it. Or if you want something a little cheaper, how about these Superman socks?


Well they are supersocks I suppose. Or if you think ($30 for socks? Really?) then why not walk out of Bloomingdale’s shouting “don’t you people know there’s a recession on” and march straight over to Target who have a, shall we say, more affordable range…


Although if you’re feeling really cheap, Target are getting rid of their children’s Batman Hallowe’en costume for $6 each – though according to reviews it does tend to tear in the crotch region.

Of course, for me there’s only one way to express my comic geekdom in clothing. And that’s when your shoes are by Robert Crumb….



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