Saturday - Storms Are Coming...

Saturday – Storms Are Coming…

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Boston Globe on the state of the local comics industry

Three quarters of the inventory in Scagnoli’s suburban stores is superheroes fare; in Cambridge and Allston, stores are stocked primarily with independent comics and graphic novels, which tend to be longer, narrative works.

Some potential logos for Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards’ Turf comic. Logos by Edwards and John Workman.


Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show seems to be the place to talk about comics. Not only did Salman Ruishdie announce he wanted to work on a superhero graphic novel there, but country singer Trace Adkins talked about the comic book based on his life by David Tischmann and Kody Chamberlain.

While most Brits are bemused and amazed that Ferguson has done so well for himself in the States…

It’s been noted that a number of comic book creators, spending years working on their own, often in isolation, in an industry that they often have very little control of, go a little… dotty.

Von Allen has created a graphic novel, The Road To God Knows on mental illness on sale, but also available as a free download as a PDF, CBZ and as a LRF file.

So basically you’ve got no excuse.

Do you live in Miami? Are you attending the Book Fair International today? Then do check out The Comix Galaxy and let me know how it goes and who is there! I want photos! Especially of Melvin Van Peebles.

Oh and as the worst storms to batter Britain for a decade roll in, The Real Tank Girl is ever so smug.

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