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Fables cover artists (and yes, so much more) James Jean and Tara McPherson talk about their work in tonight’s event at ComICA with an illustrated presentation,l from 7pm tonight at London’s ICA. More surprising (to me anyway) ComICA news in an hour.

Perez Hilton,35241/discusses the Stephanie Meyer book from Bluewater.

And it blows!

Besides creating one of the most popular franchises of all-time, she’s freaking boring!

Thus, forcing comic book writers and artists to shit out 28 pages

For a greater evisceration, go to Chris Sims of course…

As the Nick Frost-starring adaptation of Martin Amis’ Money starts filming for the BBC, considered an “unfilmable” book. Telegraph writer Tim Martin uses Watchmen as an example of another. On that basis, it’ll creak a bit then?

And on the day Nick Frost-starring Pirate Radio is released in the US, its name changed so that canny cinema goers don’t realise they could buy the already-released DVD, The Boat That Rocked? Cos it’s the same thing.

The AV Club psychoanalyise the works of Crumb and Spiegelman.

Does anyone not want to be in Red? After Bruce Willis, Morgamn Freeman and Helen Mirren jumped aboard, Nip/Tuck‘s Julian McMahon, Airwolf‘s Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss and Brian Cox want in. Blimey. Can’t wait till they meet Warren.

Poem Strip by Dino Buzzati gets translated into English and lauded by the LA Times.

No books by women made the Top Ten list for the year from Publisher’s Weekly. And heaven forefend, a graphic novel did…

From Hoboken, New Jersey to Weston-Super-Mare, shops are selling Phonogram #5 with an incorrect barcode! The horror!

Wasn’t Misfits great? And yes, available on 4oD if you live in the UK. And, ooh look, someone has made it available for download in a naughty place if you don’t… naturally I don’t approve of such things.

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