Phonogram #5 Destroyed... Or Is It? Scavenger Hunt!

Phonogram #5 Destroyed… Or Is It? Scavenger Hunt!

Posted by November 12, 2009 Comment

Phonogram #5 arrived at a number of stores this week, with a note asking to destroy the copies, and the promise that a new print run of the comic will arrive next week. All down to a bar code error, apparently.

Of course a lot of people have been waiting a long time for #5. And distributor notes don’t count for much for some retailers when faced with a Phonofan with a serious look on his face.

Somehow, I got an unpulped Phonogram #5. I’m happy now.

They can tell me to destroy this week’s copies of Phonogram but they can’t stop me from reading it first.

Destroying Phonogram? Any chance you can wait until I get there? :P

Basically how friendly are you with your local comic shop, and how discreet can you be? Obviously send a photo in with the comic in question…

Until then, here’s an early look at issue 6’s cover…


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