Tuesday Runaround Runaround I Runaround...

Tuesday Runaround Runaround I Runaround…

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Yes, there’s nothing that quite says you are against terrorism than putting out a comic book where superheroes fight terrorists. That’ll show them.

26/11 is a superhero comic book about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year, In which, after a historical retelling of the events, superhero Nagraj goes next door to a country called Ghuspaithistaan, and definitely not Pakistan, to blow up training camps.

Looks like Dave Gibbons, get this, could be designing for, get this, an updated version of the glassic desktop game Minesweeper, giving the game a sense of character and history. What’s next, Kevin O’Neill draws Tetris?

When libraries get  comic books, they don’t always have to fire the staff.


Neil Gaiman draws a four-hour long queue at a signing and talk in Singapore.

Empire report that Joe Silver is kickstarting Sgt Rock as a movie again, with I Am Legend and Constantine director, Francis Lawrence and screenwriter, Chad St. John.

Oh and it will be set in the future. Yes, I know, I know.

While Kick-Ass co-creator John Romita Jr has seen his and Glen Brunswick’s Image book Gray Area picked up by Solipsist Films. It was previously optioned by Benderspink.

Is Rachel McAdams playing Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat in Spider-Man 4? Does it matter one way or another if she does or doesn’t?

Which is better? Gaiman’s Batman or Crumb’s Genesis? here’s only one way to find out… fight!

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