When Brian Bendis Lay Siege To Twitter

When Brian Bendis Lay Siege To Twitter

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bendisJust how many twits can one twittee tweet? Brian Bendis tested this limit of humanity over the weekend. During which time we learnt the following ten things on the tenth anniversary of his time at Marvel.

That next summer will see a Bendis/Alex Maleev creator-owned crime comic.

That we are to expect an announcement on whether there will be a Dark Avengers series post-Siege crossover very shortly.

That he would like to write X-Men, but only after the current writers have finished.

That we are to stay tuned for him writing Marvelman.

That Rick Jones will appear in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 7

That there will be mutants in future Avengers teams.

That he’ll be tackling Namor and the Atlanteans next year.

That he doesn’t know if he’ll be doing any more Spider-Woman motion comics.

That he will be writing Daredevil: End of Days in the summer with David Mack on art – and the character appears in New Avengers #60.

And that he is happy to kill off Avengers supporting characters if he doesn’t get an early copy of computer games.

Bendis has done more than anyone else to bring about a cross-line continuity and a multi-year storylines across all the titles. He’s created the closest thing to a cohesive Marvel Universe since the days when the number of comics published were still in single figures. And it certainly seems as if he has another ten years in him…

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