Lying In The Gutters - 9th November 2009

Lying In The Gutters – 9th November 2009

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This was the week that Bleeding Cool went into gift mode. With The Boys #1, by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, complete, online and legal, a preview to the new Shaky Kane/David Hine comic from Image, a preview of Jock’s page for 45, a preview of Chris Claremont and Milo Manara’s X-Women comic (talking of which, we never translated that Joe Quesada copy from the back… Google Translate has it as;

Here we are, with two great masters, both from the illustrious careers, the top of their profession. Do you really need that anticipates what awaits those who from the moment to turn the first page? Not likely.

so there.)

We also had a look at my own next comics, the Image-solicitation for Chase Variant and something new with Simon Rohrmuller, The Many Murders Of Miss Cranbourne , the Days Missing pentaptych by Frazer Irving, Neil Gaiman’s anecdote complete with convincing Alan Moore impression, and the amazing live reading of Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem.

Oh and we ran that Misfits sweary competition. And the winner is… They’ll be gettig a DVD of the first episode, the Misfits tie-in comic and a Misfits T-shirt. The winner is Bleeding Cool poster Fysh for what he calls;

the English version of the long-standing Spanish curse “Me cago en la leche que has mamao” – roughly speaking “I want to shit in the milk you suckled as an infant”.


We also shook down a whole lot of stuff on the current London comics art festival ComICA. We ran an early review of Kick-Ass, we noted that five of the top ten books in France, including all the top three, were comics, and looked at a very long comic book indeed.

In Blackest Night news we looked at the sales smash was Doom Patrol #4, the prophecy controversy and the phenomenon that is Error Rings.

We followed Scott Kurtz’ fight with Wizard, then its overspill into a fight with Laura Hudson. Maybe I should call him a bad name and see if he has a go at me…

We celebrated thirty years of Viz Comic by reprinting the Guardian exclusive strips.

We gave other sites lots of headlines such as Stephen Fry, Grant Morrison and Paul McGuigan collaborating on a BBC Scotland TV pitch ( a piece we really should have called A Bit Of Fry and Morrison), Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant writing a comic, Eminem is possibly writing a comic (although, unlike everyone else who ran this story, we pointed out that the comic deal isn’t actually signed at Marvel yet) and Alan Grant wanting Joel Silver to get in touch over the Lobo movie.

Oh and Comixology put Civil War on the iPhone, and Titan put on Wallace & Gromit…. whose side are you on?

Right now I’m in a house surrounded by swine fly and infected sinuses, yet remaining relatively disease free. Eve is her class’ top writer and artist and Alice is still too lazy to talk. Have fun all!

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