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Get your kids to read comics. It turns out they’re good for them. If only chocolate biscuits are as well then I’d suddenly be seen as a really good parent.* Not only that but academic Carol Tilley is actively trying to get comic books into the classroom.

And experts believe the best year to be born in in the UK was 1948. While you had rationing when young, you soon forgot it, the War was an inspiring adventure, you missed out on National Service and the Draft, you got sex, drugs and rock and roll without any of the downsides, you made a packet on housing, you got a full salary-based pension and retired early. And, accoridng to ex-MP Giles Branbdreth, most importantly you got to read the golden ages of both the Beano and Eagle comics every week.

Misfits, the new superhero TV series on E4 starts this week. I’ve seen the first episode and think it’s pure dead brilliant. And, for once, my opinion seems to be shared with other proper reviewers.

Showrunner/writer Howard Overman talks about the experience here.

Was Dave Sim ahead of his time again? New kosher comics for your hard-line Israeli family, with no sex or violence, but the adventures of… Rabbis!

The Haredi comics cannot deal with every topic, they are subject to severe censorship…They can’t show or talk about sex, of course. They can at times present women but in a very modest way, often without showing their face. Not too much violence or blood

sorrowAccording to Shock Till You Drop, Rick Remender/Set Peck/Francesco Francavilla Image comic book Sorrow has been optioned as a movie by Twisted Pictures, the people who gave us the Saw films. Yeah, thanks, you people. The comic was about a supposed ghost town created by nuclear testing that isn’t as dead as some people might like you to believe. Remender is one of Marvel’s Write Stuff creators, new writers to Marvel given extra publicity and higher profile projects, and Remender has a reputation of being one of the hardest working writers in comics, with an outspoken opinion to boot. The phrase, “he’s paid his dues” has rarely applied more…

* Of course I don’t. They both have carrot sticks to munch on, and that’s if they’re lucky.

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