New Eminem Comic From Marvel?

New Eminem Comic From Marvel?

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marvel-comics-punisher-eminem1He’s already been in the Punisher. comic series (pictured) He’s expressed his love for comics a number of times. And he unofficially starred in the comic book Wanted (though turned down the movie).

Well now Eminem is producing and starring in a new movie, the 3D horror film Shady Talez.

The movie will also be produced by I Robot‘s John Davis and Dallas Jackson and the screenplay will be written by Jackson and Underworld‘s Kevin Grevioux, writer for Marvel’s New Warriors.

And, according to the NME, a four issue comic book mini-series will be published by Marvel’s Icon comic imprint, reserved for comic book creators who have worked extensively for Marvel. Presumably with Eminem’s likeness on the covers and insides. However I hear from sources close to MArvel that this may not be quite as solid as NME reports.

But I have been hearing talk of a new creator-owned celebrity-endorsed line of comics from a major publisher. It’s possible that Marvel Icon may be its home.

More to come…

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