Wizard Vs Kurtz… Vs Hudson?

SheHulk1Ex-Virgin Comics, ex-Comics Foundry, ex-MTV Splashpage, current lead writer for AOL’s Comics Alliance, Laura Hudson covered the Scott Kurtz/Wizard spat with the headline Scott Kurtz vs. Wizard Magazine, Fight!. But it seemed she was about to become a member of the fisticuffs brigade herself.

Laura took the opportunity to defend Wizard on the basis that not all employees are responsible for all policies in every company. And called out Scott Kurtz’s confrontational style.

Scott posted a link on Twitter. People took issue with Laura. Laura addressed them as people who “were all sent here by Kurtz”. Kurtz took objection to that. And a back and forth ensued. Here are some highlights…

Laura. please explain to me why when you link to something (like my website) you’re reporting. But when I link to something (like your website) I’m attacking.

I’m not judging your for wanting to express your opinion, or even for the content of your opinion; I’m judging you because I think you went way over the line and expressed it in a way that was inappropriate and unfair.

It’s unfair for me to call out a company I have legit grievences with, after they treat me horribly, but it’s perfectly fair for you to refer to me as ” infamously cantankerous” and full of “scathing bile that seems to continually burn within him…”

Having read the e-mail that you wrote, calling you “cantankerous” seems euphemistically kind, if anything.

So you can be unprofessional and snarky if you determine it was called for but I can’t. Got it. Thanks for that clarification, Laura.

Making different determinations about what is accurate and appropriate in a particular situation is what having “different opinions” is all about, Scott.

I guess we all have our easy targets, don’t we, Laura?

My issue is with Kurtz venting his problems with Wizard — which at this point are shared by almost everybody — in a completely disproportionate way at an employee who is not part of that “top brass,” much like you were once not.

…For some reason you want to single me out as the guy who took the wizard bashing too far. And I’m wondering what I did to you in the past to make you dislike me enough to paint me as some cantankerous bile-filled jerk just waiting to spit my fire and shit all over some unsuspecting person that might cross my path at the wrong time.

The fun continues… and continues… and continues.

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