Friday Kickings, Sabbaths And… JJ Abrams Directing Micronauts. I Know. I Know

kick-ass-20091105023449635IGN have released the first Kick-Ass movie posters which, following the pattern of the “upteenth” print of the Kick-Ass comics, spell the title out across them all…


Met a Forbidden Planet employee in the pub last night who loved the preview they’d seen, although especially for seeing Niocolas Cage getting his head kicked in repeatedly.

Yesterday’s announcement of Milestone Forever and the merging of the Milestone line with the DC Universe continuity-wise seemed very much at odds with certain posts by McDuffie over the last few months – could they have been diversionary? One can certainly speculate as to committments to the book, characters and line on DC’s part. And this has to have been in the works for a while.

On Dwayne’s Facebook page, Milestone creators Jamal Igle said “about damn time this was announced” while Chris Cross added “Hey Dwayne…. did you get my email? I sent you five of the pages for your perusal” to Dwayne’s response “Yes. The pages are gorgeous. Some of your best stuff ever.” And Dave Elliott added “Hey, Dwayne, I believe this is the cover of Previews as well. Congrats! (and to Admira Wijaya who painted the cover).”

Tonight, at 5pm in Jewish Community Center, 3301 N. Front St. in Harrisburg, JP Walden will begin a very special service.

The program will begin Friday with a simcha hour at 5:30 p.m., a family Shabbat service at 6 and a dinner, open only to those who have advance reservations, at 7.

During the service and dinner, Waldman will discuss “People of the Comic Book,” the history of Jews in comic books…

At 6 p.m. Saturday, Waldman is to conduct a hands-on workshop for teens and the young-at-heart. After a 20-minute program, he is to lead participants in creating their own mini-Midrash comic about familiar biblical or historical characters. Attendance is free, he said.

I should really send him a copy of Watchmensch, shouldn’t I? If he hasn’t already got one?

Ricky Stanzi, American football player, loves his Marvel Comics and his Twilight novels. Give him six months before he pitches a Morbius book…

Gemma Arterton has been talking about her starring role in the movie of Tamara Drewe, saying that she knows “a lot of people just like Tamara” and she found her character “lost in her expectations of being a modern woman in today’s world – the expectations of beauty and success – when what really desires is to be loved.” And to have sex with every fit bloke she comes across, of course.

JJ Abrams to direct Micronauts? Really? Really, Mr Wall Street Journal? No… really?

I wonder if they can get Warren Ellis to do the screenplay.

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