Comics Adjacent by James Hem #5 – The Skiing Double and Box Tanking

Do you want to know about Iron Man 2 and Batman Begins Sequel 2? Good. Now go Google them.

Done that? Okay, cool. Let’s talk about some fresh stuff.

cera_as_scottJason Schwartzman’s Gideon fights with a sword in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Just Come Out Already. Why, then, even bother with flying kicks? Because they cool, yo.

First of all, EMO films have signed a deal to bring EC Comics related properties to radio, TV and the kinoplex. Second of all, they’re called EMO films. With a capital MO. Brilliant. And it’s easily time for some more two fisted tale telling, wouldn’t you agree?

Dark Knight producer Charles Roven holds the rights to the Looking Glass Wars stories and comics by Frank Beddor (as ripped off in the new Tim Burton film). Apparently, Beddor was the skiing double for John Cusack in Better Off Dead. That’s the best thing he’s ever done, I think, and I like those Looking Glass Wars.

I don’t even begin to understand these Heroes spoilers.

I’d retitle MTV’s article “What If The Batmobile Was Designed By ‘Alien’ Artist H.R. Giger? ” as “So What If The Batmobile Was Designed By ‘Alien’ Artist H.R. Giger? It Was Only For Batman Forever, Not One Of The Good Ones.”

Southland Tales graphic novelist Richard Kelly is planning to make a feature film in 3D and with lots of motion capture. It’s going to be set in the New York of 2014, which could well be the case with its grand premiere too, assuming The Box tanks this weekend and makes investors a little bit Kelly shy.

Which it will and will.

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