Linebacker Lance Briggs Backing New Line Of Comics

Linebacker Lance Briggs Backing New Line Of Comics

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Lance Briggs is apparently something called a linebacker for a group of athletic men called the Chicago Bears. Who are, it seems, an American Football team. And not as I previously thought, an urban ursine community. I’m seriously out of my depths here.

49ers Bears Tampering Football

Anyway, whoever he is, he’s writing a comic book. Of course he is. Starring a fellow named Marco Marciano.

A fan of X-Men, Silver Surfer and Spawn Lance Briggs’ blog is as geeky as, well, this one as he attempts to create his own comics community of sports fans.

Very much a nineties comic fan it seems as this video of his comic collection attests:

What’s the odds that when he finished his comic that he’ll try and get Image to publish it?

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