Wizard, The Michael Turner Tribute Book And The Charity Donation

Wizard, The Michael Turner Tribute Book And The Charity Donation

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This would have been so much easier if the Wizard message boards hadn’t suddenly disappeared in a puff of illogic.

But thankfully Panels On Pages preserved the posts, so it was still quite easy.

In February news editor Brett White asked the Wizard Message Board if they would be willing to donate sketches done by Michael Turner for a new Michael Turner Tribute book. He added;

An additional note, a portion of all of the Turner Millenium Edition books will go to the Sam Loeb Foundation, set up by Jeph Loeb in his son’s memory.

But then in early April Brett White was dismissed by Wizard in one of their employee purges.

However, the book was published in June, with a number of the sketches solicited from Brett.


Basically the original book with updated sketches. Hence the “Ultimate” nomenclature.

But, after board members made inquiries, it was confirmed that no donation had been made to the Sam Loeb Foundation. Questions posted on the Wizard message board, now deleted, remained unanswered.

So I got in touch with Wizard.

They told me today that, yes, something had gone wrong. Because of employee changes, communication lines had dropped and files had been lost. But after bringing this to their attention, they would indeed get in touch with the Sam Loeb Foundation, which they have worked with in the past, and make a commensurate donation.

And that they are also interested in the Foundation using Wizard World for upcoming donation drives.

It’s the kind of thing that could have been avoided if there had been greater diligence regarding company message boards. But now they’re gone, I guess that’s no longer a problem… hmm.

Nevertheless it’s admirable that Wizard stepped up immediately when this was brought to their attention.

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