Friday – Inside The Doctor Who Screening, On Stage With Jimmy Fallon, At Home With The Romitas And On The Block For Half A Million

The preview press screening of the Doctor Who: Waters Of Mars upcoming special has just finished. My man in the audience, a cynical world-weary media type text messages to tell me;

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that’s up there with the best of them. Oh yes.

Can’t wait. Except I’ll have to.

DSC01772Comic artist Afua Richardson appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show on Monday, as a backup singer for Har Mar Superstar (left).

 Richardson draws Genius for Top Cow and has a Captain Marvel strip in the works for DC’s Holiday Anthology.

John Romita Jr gave an interview to The Times newspaper, where he talks about the moment with his father, John Romita Sr, that got him into comics;

Late in 1965 I remember going up to visit him and I saw him doing brush work for what I believe was his first work for Marvel, the cover of Daredevil No 12. I was shocked by what was on the page, so I asked him, ‘What is that? What’s going on?’ I know my eyes must have been like saucers. He said, ‘This is a character called Daredevil and he’s a superhero and he’s blind. ‘What? Not a chance, he can’t possibly be blind. How’s he gonna fight’

…how working in comics strengthened his bond with his father;

I grew up with Spider-man. Then I started drawing him and I had to constantly ask my father’s opinion. We have a great relationship and Spider-man has made it that that much better.

…the trauma of drawing Amazing Spider-Man #36;

My office was plastered with so many pictures of ground zero, and I updated them nearly every other hour because things changed so quickly on the ground. I brought it upon myself. My wife Kathy used to say me, ‘Get away from the death, walk away.’ I would leave the desk in tears. This is my city, I took it personally

…and the justification for the extreme language in Kick Ass.

Now I know that a 11-year-old New York City girl, even a foul-mouthed one, is not going to use that word. The C-word is such a shocking word to Americans. We’ll use every other foul word in existence but that one — wow, women will shoot you if you say that word. I told Mark this and he just said, ‘I want to use that word because it brings the UK in.’

As well as how he prepared his father for reading it…

Out in St Louis, a house clearance has unearthed a collection of 1960 Marvel Comics including Avengers #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15 – with that issue expected to sell for more than the house it was found in is worth, and the collection espected to fetch up to half a million dollars. Who says there’s a recession?

And on the day that Marvel announce their comic line on the iPhone, new Gareb Shamus/Stephen Shamus site GeekChicDaily instead leads with the story that you can now get… horror voiceover clips on your iPhone. Mmm.

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