Comics Adjacent By James Hem #3 – Should Have Gone to SpecSavers

m3Oh dear. It seems like Rich got his Odins in a proper twist. But have no fear, I’m here now. This column is bound to make you forget that whole Blessed affair in the blink of a boss God’s one good eye.

Either most people have completely forgotten that Men In Black was based on a comic book or, er, it wasn’t. Either way, there’s a writer in the frame for the third part and it’s Etan Cohen of Tropic Thunder, My Wife is Retarded and Beavis and Butthead. Looking at the respective schedules of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, I’m guessing that Sony Columbia are gonna need some new Men if they want them Back in Black in 2010. See what I did there? That was for you, Angus. Expect a Ghostbusters 3 scenario with the old guys handing off to some wee nippers.

Want to know when Clark Kent is going to start thinking about hypno-disguise eyeware in Smallville? Then Ask Ausiello. He thinks Clark is going to ‘contemplate’ specs in the next 9 episodes – and then what? Order them from Vision Express, wait for them over the following 9, and then pick them up in the finale? He also says something about a sex dream or something.

That lovely Bendis fellow has been talking up the pilot for Powers. Don’t know much of what he says because I can’t watch MTV videos here in prison in the UK. He’s really good, though, isn’t he, Mr. Bendis? No matter what Rich was saying about him and his breath in the pub the other night (etc., etc.)

Transformers: ROTFL has become the biggest-selling DVD and Blu-ray of the year in the USA. Did you buy one? Well, we’ll show you up, we Brits, by mounting a nationwide protest on November 30th, when it comes out here, and not buying a single copy. Who’s with me?

Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide has now got a spin-off comic while World War Z is still being turned into a film. It was rumoured that Marc Forster was off the project, but Brooks says he’s still on.

Now, is this Thor film going to set up shop in New Mexico? Either that or their going to find a quarry someplace in Wales to stand in for it. Viva la Doctor.

And… that’s enough. I’ll see you on Monday, unless you see me first.

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