Mark Millar/Steve McNiven Announce New Project on Friday, Millar Commits Yet Another Faux Pas

Mark Millar/Steve McNiven Announce New Project on Friday, Millar Commits Yet Another Faux Pas

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wolverine-66-turnervariantMark Millar will be announcing his new project with Steve McNiven for Marvel on Friday.

The creative team have worked on Civil War and Old Man Logan together, with significant sales impact, so their next project is much anticipated – especially by retailers.

 Especially if it comes in on time.

 Millar writes;

I was out with my mates last night and came in drunk, logging onto email and literally gasping when I saw the artwork. Steve has modified his style again and I’ve never seen anything like it from him. It’s much more Travis Charest, but he’s brought something entirely new to this too. The level of detail is just insane.

Comic fans do like their detail.

So will it be Thor, putting Kieron Gillen’s six issue run in the shade a little (although John Romita Jr seems geared up for that book in the near future)? Will it be Astonishing X-Men, following on from Warren Ellis much as he did with Authority (though Ellis seems to have a number of arcs planned on the book)? Could it be a long awaited new take on Marvelman (Marvel have asked writers what they would do with the property)?

But even more entertainingly Mark Millar is rapidly developing an online persona close to Ricky Gervais, detailing the various offence he causes in his haphazard lifestyle. He writes, and hell I’m going to quote almost the entire post because it demands to be shared with the world;

So I took my wee girl to see Up last week and we buy those special PREMIERE seats the Odeon charge an extra quid for. We walk in and the entire row is filled with people, meaning someone is in our seats. Worse, in the darkness, I see that everyone is wearing baseball caps. In the UK, a baseball cap and sporstwear indoors means what we call a ned, what the English call a chav and Americans call rednecks. In other words, a fight… as these fuckers were sitting in our seats.

In the darkness, I leaned over and told the guys in seats 8 and 9 they were in ours. I could only see the cap turning around towards us and giggling. This made me mad, my kid watching, and so I repeated. Then he turned towards screen and ignored me. This had my blood boiling. I’m a calm sort most of the time, but have a short fuse with a) bad manners and b) chavs and c) this happening in front of my kid. So I leaned in close and yelled for him to get out of our seats. Then I saw this quite big woman pushing her way across the row and apologizing. The adverts changed, the screen went brighter and I saw that all the chaves were middle aged and… severely mentally handicapped.

That wasn’t a giggle. That was the poor bugger trying to talk and the whole row was a big handicapped outing from a day care centre. The woman apologized (their carer) and said she’s happily move all 22 of them if we wanted our seats.


PS Naturally, I moved ALL 22 of those handicapped seats and got my posh seat.
PPS Actually, I didn’t, but it would have been funny as she did offer.

Next, Mark attends Remembrance Day in full Nazi regalia, exposes himself to the nice Church Of England vicar then joins Twitter and sends out his PIN code by mistake…

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