Comic Adjacent by James Hem #1 - Some Columns are Born Great, Others Achieve Greatness

Comic Adjacent by James Hem #1 – Some Columns are Born Great, Others Achieve Greatness

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Bleeding Cool brings a new voice to the site, a fellow I’ve met at a number of movie previews over the last year. He’s become such a fan of Bleeding Cool that now he wants to write for us. Ladies and gentlemen, James Hem.

Hi. I think my job here is to keep you abreast of news from The World of Cinema (East of Java). Quite an easy job because in between mouthfuls of air and cake, it’s all I breathe and eat anyway. Every day, I’ll be rounding up the key talking points from the last 24 hours or so of online action in that strange hinterland between pictures that don’t move but are laid down side by side and pictures that don’t move which get flashed at you in quick succession. We’re talking movie news for comics heads. And a little bit of TV, sure.

I’ll slowly introduce myself and tell you more about me as the days and weeks go on, but let’s get on with the real purpose of this column first. Let’s have a look at some news, lies, half baked rumours and gossip.

Is Clancy Brown going to play Lobo? Probably not, but IGN have picked up on a Mania storyI would have pointed you to days ago had this not been my first hour on the job. The story also suggests that Lobo will be a motion capture creation. Think King Kong after a shave, maybe. So why bother casting anybody other than Andy Serkis? And that includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is rumoured to have stuck his neck out and asked for the role. Why the dignity, Morgan? Did Sean Young teach us nothing?

Don’t forget, /Filmhave reported on how miffed Alan Grant is with the Lobo film. PG 13! he says, and then spits.

Is College Humour’s spoof video Batman Vanishingactually funny? Perhaps it would be if I was in college. The Christian Bale impersonation is suitably cruel however.

Paul Cornell has been hawking his Black Widow series to SFX. It only exists to plug the Iron Man 2film right? And to get people “ready for” Scarlett Johannsons’ character? Surely what the typical fanboy needs to do to get ready for Johansson is a catsuit is to sit on their hand for half an hour?

Cornell says that Johansson has several actresses playing Black Widow “in his head”. I bet he does.
[EDIT: As Paul Cornell points out in the comments below, he doesn’t seem to say anything like this, James. Apologies, Paul. I believe James will address this tonight… Reprimanding Rich]

According to Geoff Johns, the Smallville Dr. Fate looks bang-on-accurate. I haven’t watched that awful bloody show in years, at least not since the bald fella decided he had better things to do – are they having costumed superheroes on their now? I thought that was against the point?

Tim Burton almost cast Willem Defoe as Batman. MTV found out by chasing a rumour they saw on the IMDB that said Burton wanted Defoe as The Joker. I’m hoping that it’s just a weird coincidence, not a misunderstanding, and that the IMDB rumour was completely made up, like at least 10% of the ‘information’ on there.

For the record, it isn’t Kurtzman and Orci producing the Doc Savagemovie, but Neil Moritz and Ori Marmur. Please call Rich and leave him a voicemail if you know how to produce Ori Marmur, because I don’t have a clue. +447801 350 982. It was Collider what done the research to put that particular record straight.

Over at /Filmthey’ve done a round up of what information and imagery there is to share on Luc Besson’s Adele Blanc-Sec. The comics haven’t been printed in English for a while now, not since Dark Horse did the first five volumes in the… 19…. er…. 90s? Something (my magic 8 ball of capitalist predictability) senses that this is going to change if and when Besson’s film gets pencilled in for a US release.

And that’s that for today, I think. I want to ease you in gently. Lull you into a false sense of security.

Of course from time to time, the stories you’ll see here will be brand spanking new, dug out and researched by little old me and not sourced online. I expect a particularly generous surge of enthusiasm when that goes down.

I’ll see you tomorrow, unless you see me first.

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