My Lord! A New Evony Ad! And It’s Everything We Wanted… And More!

Evony is an online Civilisation clone, where bored office workers can be build a medieval empire, fighting off other rulers controlled by other online players to reach some ultimate goal. Probably a goblet of some sort. But what is much more notable about the series is their ubiquitous online advertising, and they are no stranger to the likes of Newsarama, CBR and IGN. Their ads started off like this:


Which, you know, was fair enough, although that “free” thing is a little economical with the actualite when you realise you even have to pay thirty cents to message another player. Anyway, it’s even changed its name a copuple of times to appeal to the Civilisation crowd…


Although they had to steal some artwork to do that…

fairyBut anyway, a theme had been set. Despite the game not actually featuring any queens, princesses of luscious maidens of any description, it was clearly working for them. Clothes started to fall away and we had potential lesbian sisters…


Buxom CGI queens with swords…


More buxomness with expressions of ectasy…


And then just boobs. Boobs boobs boobs.

evony1Heavens. Well it appears that boobs are not enough, especially without a face so… Bleeding Cool is proud to present the newest, the latest Evony online ad, coming to a geek-related site near you soon… the down-to-her-knickers arm-bra Evony girl!

evony7Can anyone find the massage parlour ad this was taken from? Anyone?

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