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Misfits is the new E4 superhero TV show that Bleeding Cool has been on about for a while now. And all sorts of bits and pieces are being released. You’ve already seen part of the sales pitch document and the trailer, but what else do we know?

Kelly – “Don’t act like you know me, ’cause you don’t”

Your first impression of Kelly might be that she is your common or garden chav who wouldn’t look out of place on Jeremy Kyle. And you may be right. Kelly wades in fist first. Her attitude is her suit of armour, accessorised with enough gold jewellery to really do some harm, and acrilycs that could have your eyes out. Behind that veneer though, Kelly’s got a heart of gold and is fiercely loyal.

When the supernatural storm hits, Kelly gets landed with a super power she could really work with; she can hear what people are thinking. And what they think of her. Stereotypical first impressions aside, Kelly also has to deal with hearing people’s thoughts in the most intimate of moments. As well as the secrets those around her would rather keep hidden.


Alisha – “This cop hands me the breathalyser and I’m like do I suck or blow?”

As long as Alisha’s the centre of everyone’s world, then life is sweet. This party girl’s biggest concern is that she retains the title of Miss Shagable for another year running. When the party’s over she’ll jump into her car and find another one. Which is what got her into this minging jumpsuit and ankle tag in the first place.

Our superficial and sassy stunner (and don’t forget potty mouthed) is now stuck with the worst come down of all: a day job that might as well be shovelling shit for all she cares. Not only is Alisha cut off from her mates, forced to associate with losers all day and has a curfew; she’s also got a power that could seriously damage her social life. Because when people touch Alisha’s skin, they’re going to be so filled with lust, they can’t think straight, they have to have her.

Alisha soon discovers it’s much more of a curse than a blessing as she has to adapt to life with her new power, forcing her to reassess her relationships with the opposite sex.


Curtis – “I shouldn’t even be here.”

Curtis was a rising sports star whose goal was to compete in the 2012 Olympics. But his career is left in tatters after he’s caught with an illegal substance and is publicly shamed as he’s made an example under the eyes of the law.

Curtis is forced to trade his tracksuit for a jumpsuit and take part in Community Payback. Although he’s desperate to toe the line, Curtis hates being lumbered with a bunch of losers who can’t even paint a bench without getting into a fight.

After the storm, Curtis gets the gift of turning back time when he regrets something. With the heavy weight of regret on his shoulders, Curtis just needs to learn how to control his power. If he does manage to work out how to do it, what will the consequences be for everyone else?


Simon – “I tried to burn someone’s house down”.

Despite a sharp, calculating mind, shy, unassuming Simon is a social outcast who looks more like a Warcraft veteran than someone who would actually break the law.

Nervous to speak up, but desperate to make friends, Simon tries his hardest to be heard and accepted by the others, which helps to fuel everyone else’s suspicion he’s a little odd. His offers to help fall on deaf ears, or are ridiculed by Nathan. Which is a shame, because what Simon would like more than anything is to feel noticed and valued by actual people, as opposed to just the subscribers of his YouTube channel.

Reeling from the storm, Simon discovers that when he’s ignored, he becomes invisible. For one of life’s voyeurs, things got very interesting (and a little x-rated)


And… Nathan.

With an answer for everything, sarcastic wit, and a fondness for pushing things too far; your first impression of Nathan could be that he’s massively irritating, which is something he seems to revel in. So when Nathan’s lumbered with this bunch of extremities, he’s got so much to play with.

Thing is, Nathan may realise having actual friends when you’re out on your ear is a good thing. Because underneath the cocky quips and sarcasm, Nathan isn’t as unemotionally untouchable as he makes out, which Kelly soon discovers

Despite being caught in the storm with the rest of the gang, and much to his annoyance, Nathan doesn’t seem to have a super power. But Nathan’s convinced there must be something he’s able to do; he just hasn’t discovered it yet.


So. How many seconds after transmission will this hit Demonoid?

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